Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Necromunda game

Something a little different today. While my friend Howard was home to see his parents I was able to pop over for a couple of games.  Our second game of the evening was Necromunda, the old GW small unit skirmish game using a modified version of the 2nd edition WH40K rules.  Click on the photographs for a larger view.  I took lots, mainly to show off Howard's fantastic scenery!  Of particular note is the monument covered with tiny notices, all individually painted and glued on.

Scenery is a mixture of foamcore, GW Cities of Death bits, IMEX platformer, Hirst Arts (plaster moulded doors, lots of the crates, barrels etc.), Ramshackle Games (vehicles), Black Cat Bases (vending machines and other scatter scenery) and assorted bits of wire, old electronics parts, steel mesh, toilet ballcock and more...

Howard's army was the (better painted) Scavvies, mine were the outnumbered Cawdors.  The scenario: Scavengers (pp.154-155 of the hardback rulebook), 5 glass beads are scattered around the table representing loot that gangers can pick up...
Scavvies rush forward on multiple levels.

Cawdor gangers make their way up one of the towers.

Cawdor boss dashes forward to pick up the first loot.

Another Cawdor grabs the second loot.

Scavvies approach their first loot marker.

Cawdor Juve takes cover behind a vending machine.

Cawdor heavy (old Kryomek figure) and Juve with invisible pistol.

Cawdor gangers watch for the Scavvies.

Scavvies cautiously creep forwards...

Scavvy Scaly looks out over the underhive...

Scavvy spots a Cawdor in the distance!

Scavvies cross the bridge towards two Cawdor gangers.

Plague zombies shamble towards a Cawdor ganger.

View across the table.

Howard's fantastic scenery and Scavvies.

Aaaaagh!  Plague zombie attack!  As the Cawdor fights for his life...

Scavvies lurk below him - and they've found a ladder!

Zombie and 2 additional Scavvies taken down - but look out!

Cawdor Juve has the loot - but Scavvies close in!

Cawdor ganger gives covering fire.

Cawdor heavy and his woefully ineffective heavy stubber.

Scary Scaly thunders across the bridge towards the Cawdors!

Scavvy boss and one of his minions are down!

There's too many of them!  Scavvies attack from all sides.

Scavvies, zombies and Scalies everywhere you look!

Down goes the Cawdor.

My Cawdor gang - boss, heavy, 4 gangers, 3 juves.

Howard's excellently painted Scavvy horde

Plague zombies on left, Scavvies on right.

Scavvy boss flanked by Scalies.

More Scavvies, inluding a 3-armed mutant.
A fun game, although the Cawdors were hugely outnumbered the majority managed to survive, mainly thanks to very flukey die rolls!  We didn't play the game to its conclusion but I had 3 of the 5 loot counters and had taken down the Scavvy boss, a zombie or two - but there were still plenty out there!


  1. Great looking table and a shame you didn't have time to finish the game.

  2. I loved this game. Brings back memories, cool looking terrain.