Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Dropship Horizon painting competition and projects on the go

I hope all the budding 15mm Sci-Fi wargamers out there have spotted the Dropship Horizon painting competition!

I have various works in progress and this might give me the impetus to get some finished!  I do try to get things done but because I can't have a dedicated painting and modelling space set up, it isn't always easy to follow something all the way through.  At the moment I have a stack of things building up ready for spray paint undercoating but damp, wet days and dark evenings mean that I don't get more than one or two opportunities a month!

Here's a little preview of some of the vehicles I'm working on at present...

Old Crow Samson armoured engineering vehicle.

Old Crow Sabre heavy grav tank.

Old Crow Outrider scout vehicle.

The Scene junk.
All the armoured vehicles are getting lots of extra bits of stowage, one of the things that is taking so long!


  1. Lots of lovely vehicles. Intrigued what your intending on doing with that junk from the scene.

    1. Nothing terribly exciting, will most likely be involved in post apocalyptic games and zombie adventures! One of a number of water craft I'm painting at the moment.