Friday, 3 January 2014

More dungeon escapades

A couple more recent games of Heroquest in my Hirst Arts dungeon.  I usually manage to get an extra room or two built before each game.  This time I've added a new spiral entrance staircase tower and also the Dragon Throne - a large stone-built throne topped by a dragon skull, this gives control of the undead to whomsoever sits upon it.  I also sanded down the various doors and repainted them.  Now they actually fit inside the door frames!

First we have a recent game from the Old Buckenham Bone Crushers...

The wizard enters a room containing skeletons.

Dwarf fights a skeleton.

Evil Necromancer and undead horde pursue halfling with stolen spell book!

After him!

Halfling ascends the Dragon Throne and takes control of the undead.

Heroes charge along the corridor.

Controlled by the halfling, the undead storm in and defeat the minotaur.
Cunning use of spells enabled the heroes to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in this game.  The wizard cast "pass though rock" onto the halfling who was able to make an incredibly lucky movement die roll and get all the way into the throne room in a single move.  Once he took control of the vast undead horde, victory seemed assured - or was it?  "Right you evil bastards," he growled at the heroes, "now we'll see who's in charge!  This'll teach you all to be nasty to me!"  The halfling gave an ominous chuckle and rubbed his hands with glee...

Fortunately for the rest of the heroes the halfling managed to get a grip on himself and was persuaded to remain their ally!

The second game was another of our regular Scout games days.  The dungeon proved so popular with the Scouts that I had to add a second level into the dungeon so that they could continue the adventure for the entire day!

Dungeon level 1 - heroes enter from spiral stair on left.

Level 2 - Bloodthirster and his retinue!

A lone dwarf takes on the Chaos Beastmen.

Dungeon Level 2

Elf takes on the Necromancer in his lair.

Lone dwarf shortly before his demise.

Bloodthirster, beastmen and Chaos warriors swarm out of their chamber.

"Byeee!"  Wizard decides that discretion is the better part of valour.
An exciting game, in the end 4 of the 5 heroes had been slain and the sole survivor (master of swords) was down to a single body point when his final blow slew the Bloodthirster.  The Bloodthirster was a fearsome beast, rolling 10 dice to attack and defend while the heroes only tended to roll a maximum of 4 dice to attack or defend.  The poor lone dwarf was sliced in half from head to groin by the Bloodthirster's mighty blow!

The master of swords drank deep from the nearby fountain of healing and felt re-energised.  Now he would drag the bodies of his comrades back to the fountain and try to heal them too.  Perhaps if he dunked the two halves of the dwarf's body into the fountain and pressed them back together that might work?

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