Sunday, 27 January 2013

Zombie Reinforcements 7

 I've finished the latest zombies and also completed a few final touches for my earlier zombies.  They've taken me quite a while because of the wide range of different colours and styles I've been using to paint them.  I've added a few different skin colours for variety, using Vallejo charred brown and beastly brown.  You'll notice that I haven't followed the greenish skin with lots of blood approach, I've tried to go for more natural coloured skin with the occasional splash of Vallejo flesh wash around exposed bones and damaged fleshy bits (it's rather too red for me to use as an actual flesh wash!).  Most of the zombies have had a light drybrush of grey and/or GW rotting flesh to give a dead flesh highlight to their skin.

Old double-based zombies have been completed (bikinis coloured) plus a new lone bikini-zombie (all Rebel Minis).
 I've mixed them up - with bases filed down, the zombies aren't too much bigger than the Rebel Minis.
New triple-base (2 and a Rebel Mini) plus a fairly "armless" one (arf!)
 I have a good mix of single, double and triple bases now, which should offer good flexibility for the horde during games.
My earlier school zombie double-base completed with their new friend (all Rebel Minis)
 I think the zombie cheerleader has to be one of my favourite ones - a great little figure!  I love the skateboarder too, with his underwear showing over the top of his shorts.
More school zombies, this time from the new batch (all Rebel Minis).
 I don't know why one of the Rebel Minis zombies is so much taller than all the rest.  He's even taller than the zombies, and it looks like he was made by a different sculptor.
Rear view of the zombie skateboarder plus a very tall zombie (both Rebel Minis).
Triple base of 2 zombies plus another Rebel Mini tall zombie.
Rebel Minis - fireman, "Syntho-Burger" employee and small child.
I felt that GW Red Gore and Rotting Flesh were appropriate colours to use for the Syntho-Burger employee's uniform.  I think a Syntho-Burger franchise should be the next piece of scenery that I build.
Rear view (note the "Syntho-Burger" logo on the jacket!).

Old Rebel Minis zombies finally completed - double-based sisters plus office worker with telephone.

Rebel Minis triple-based office zombies.

A rear view of the office zombies.

Double-based uk zombies (note the intestines repainted as a satchel!)
 Some of the zombies have their intestines spilling out in a slightly unrealistic way.  I've painted one lot brown instead and painted in a strap to turn then into a shoulder bag.
..and a side view.
 It doesn't take much effort to turn the fantasy zombies into modern/sci-fi zombies.  A hooded smock becomes a normal hoodie, an odd pointy hat is easily trimmed into a sort of beret/cap and hey presto, lots of inexpensive zombies who look fine with the real modern ones.
Three fantasy zombies.
 The zombies are in a worse condition than the Rebel Minis zombies.  Skin is sloughing away, their faces are rotting and sliding off, jaws have gone missing.  Great detail!
Zombie head close-up 1.

Zombie head close-up 2.
Zombie head close-up 3 (my wife says he looks like a mutant dog crossbreed!?!)

And finally... the horde shuffle into action!

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