Monday, 21 January 2013

I need more buildings! (Part 2)

I've been working on my buildings on and off for a couple of days now, and they're coming together nicely.

Desert buildings with a few extra details added.
The desert buildings have some internal walls and some buttresses to make them a bit more interesting.

Medium-sized building assembled.
My medium-sized building has been assembled.  I realised that the foamcore floors I had planned would cause a problem - they'd protrude their full thickness into the top of the doorway on each side!  That'll teach me to make my doorways too grand...

Medium-sized building from behind.
The card I used to create the blind arcading along the exterior walls is very sturdy, so I decided to use this instead.  It will also provide more finger-room for manoeuvring figures in the spaces between floors.  A 5mm wide strip of foamcore has been glued around most of the walls to give a shelf onto which the floor is glued, giving a sturdy join so it won't collapse when hordes of metal figures gather upon it.

Large building assembled (but no floors yet!)
I have a larger building too, the walls been assembled but I still need to make some floors.  You can see the back corner has some little stubby floor sections - these will be landings for stairs I'm making.  I decided that I'd paint the outside too, to finish off the last little bit of paint in my pot before it all dried up.

Large building showing how paint has warped the walls!
Unfortunately as it dried it warped the fabric of time and space - well, the fabric of the foamcore building walls anyway.  Since I took the photograph I've painted the inside and the curvature of the walls has been counteracted so the building is square once more.

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