Friday, 18 January 2013

I need more buildings!

 Although I have plenty of figures, I'm aware that buildings are something on which I'm rather short, especially for zombie games in an urban environment.

The basic sections with doors & windows cut out.
 This post was going to be about building the cityscape (well, a small part of it anyway), but instead it's ended up being about an off-cut that I removed from my sheet of foamcore before I started work on the city.

Edges "distressed" and ready for assembly.
I decided that they were just large enough to use for some ruins to go with my desert dwellings, all of which have been built as intact structures so far.

Building 1.
They'll provide some extra cover to bulk out the desert games but shouldn't take nearly as long to build as the multi-storey intact buildings.

Building 1 alternative view.
Note how I made use of the slightly shorter bits of wall by adding a doorway in the middle so the building is still a regular rectangle.  Windows are 10mm above ground level and are 10x10mm or 5x10mm in size, doorways are 15x20mm.

Building 2.
And finally a view of the first of my big city buildings in flat-pack pre-assembly form.  It's foamcore with thick card (1mm, quiet tough to cut!) used to add surface detail. I've tried using cork tiles in the past but I don't really get on with it so these days I just use foamcore as the basis for most structures.

City building.