Friday, 9 November 2012

SG15-J04 Kneeling & Prone Japanese

I've just realised that I've done these out of order and that the Power Armour should have been next but never mind, I'll leave them for next time!

These kneeling and prone troopers have the same armour and assault rifles as the standing troops.  There's not much more to say really, whether you would buy this pack probably depends upon your views on prone figures.  If you didn't want to use them as regular riflemen, you could probably convert them into snipers or support gunners without too much bother by adding long gun barrels.  A bit of brass or plastic tube would give you an anti-tank missile.  This would be different from the hexagonal shaped launcher with the standing figures, but I've always thought that looks more like an anti-personnel launcher firing smaller warheads.


  1. Very nice. The multi-barrelled gun I mistook for a mini gun type weapon how wrong was I lol

    1. Which one do you mean? The tribarrel support weapon is quite mini-gun in style. I should think one could produce a vague approximation of it with 3 bits of brass rod and a bit of putty!

  2. I really do like these guys, I've been thinking of picking up a few packs to use as Alien's rather than as another human faction.