Thursday, 15 November 2012

SG15-HS3 - Hammer's Slammers infantry on skimmers

 My mounted Slammers have been painted in the same colour scheme as the dismounted infantry, as described in my earlier posts.

You get 4 identical skimmers in this pack.  If you wanted to add a buzzbomb launcher it wouldn't be too hard to fabricate one from a bit of brass rod/tube or even a plastic sprue offcut.

I've painted their skimmers Humbrol 86 Olive Drab the same as their body armour, with a Valejo sepia ink wash.  Details are picked out in Vallejo stonewall grey with a black wash.  The GEV skirt is Vallejo matt black with a Humbrol 32 dark grey drybrush.

I've already got some which act as fast scouts for my NAC troops, though I've treated them as grav vehicles rather than GEVs.

They're also ripe for conversion by adding bits of brass rod, plasticard fins and head-swaps.


  1. Nice skimmers. I mounted mine on high tensile wire on GZG bases (like the ones for the drones), and mounted the bases on washers (as I store my figures in magnetic sheet lined boxes).

    Wish Jon made some skimmers without riders - that would be cool.

    1. I'll take a few photographs of my conversions some time. The ones I'm using as grav bikes are on 1" brass rod mounted on 1p pieces.

  2. I do like these skimmers they are different to the normal jetbikes you see. Nicely done sir