Monday, 5 November 2012

Charity Freedom Alliance victorious against off-world agressors!

In yet another humiliation for the Neo Colonial Commonwealth, injured NCC Marines were shown being led into captivity yesterday by victorious AFCFA troops.  This is the first major battle on Charity between the Armed Forces of the Freedom Charity Alliance and Neo Colonial Commonwealth peacekeeping troops.  After an initial skirmish 3 weeks ago, the situation appeared to have stabilised, but is is now clear that this had given a false impression of calm.

In a statement yesterday, an NCC spokesman nevertheless described the operation as a success.  "We had received reports of a build up of AFCFA forces in the area around one of our outlying observation units.  We made the decision to withdraw our unit as a precautionary measure, but were attacked whilst doing so.  This unprovoked assault on our forces was met with stiff opposition and the main body of our garrison was successfully extracted from the area.  The remainder of our troops surrendered to prevent further loss of life on both sides, having bravely fought a rearguard action to allow their comrades to escape.  We are currently pursuing discussions with the Charity Freedom Alliance for the repatriation of these troops.  Our operation also prevented several advanced powered armour suits falling into the hands of the CFA."

This statements contrasts sharply with the statement issued by the CFA.:
"At 15:00 local time, an AFCFA unit on exercise moved to investigate a report of NCC armour moving into their area.  Our brave volunteers were immediately fired upon and despite their lack of experience they instantly sprang into action to defend both themselves and the local civilians from these off-world aggressors.  Their outstanding courage and the strength of their beliefs led them to victory against those who wish to oppress the hard working inhabitants of Charity and bind them into slavery.  The irresponsible and indiscriminate use of force by the NCC resulted in the destruction of many dwellings, but swift follow-up action by our forces has helped avert a refugee crisis.  Selflessly giving their own rations and portable shelters to those whose houses had been destroyed in the fighting, our heroic armed forces have shown themselves superior to our imperialist foes in all respects.  Engineering units are on the way as I speak, preparing to rebuild the village and create a permanent memorial to our fallen heroes.  Our skilled warriors successfully apprehended a number of the cowardly Commonwealth mercenaries and we intend to convene a war trials tribunal in the near future to ensure that they are dealt with appropriately."

The triplanetary council that requested NCC peacekeeping troops be deployed to Charity has not made any official comment, but sources close to them are reporting major disatisfaction with the way in which the situation is developing into a military confrontation.

Commonwealth Marines firing indiscriminately into nearby civilian buildings.
Footage on the holonet appears to support the CFA viewpoint, showing an NCC MBT firing into buildings, reducing them to rubble, followed by marines apparently firing indiscriminately into nearby buildings.

Injured AFCFA armoured infantry heroically fight back.

Other footage shows AFCFA armoured infantry engaging NCC marines, an AFCFA missile team in action, destroying the MBT with a direct hit and finally a group of battered and bloody marines being escorted into custody.

Main report to follow...

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