Sunday, 11 August 2013

Peter Pig AK47 professionals

 It's taken me a very long time but I've finally managed to get some Peter Pig stuff painted.  I liked the look of the professionals from Peter Pig's AK47 Republic, this is pack 160 "Professionals standing" which I bought to sample the range.  As always, click on the pictures for a larger image.

 I'm really impressed with the level of detail on these figures.  They're all armed with an FN FAL rifle, you can see the little carry handle folded over the side of the weapon.  All have a variety of pouches and backpacks with bed rolls attached.  Some even have grenades strung on their webbing.  I think they'll be ideal for a 1970/80s set "imagi-nation" campaign in Africa or South America.

 I've opted for a 2-tone camo scheme for desert/grassland.  Paints are a mixture of Vallejo model and game colours.  Base colour is 70977 desert yellow with 70850 medium olive camo splodges.  Webbing and backpacks are 72061 khaki, boots are 72045 charred brown.  Flesh is dwarf skin, charred brown or beastly brown.  The rifles are black with 70890 reflective green furniture.  The whole figure has a wash of diluted sepia ink.  Drybrushing is desert yellow for the fatigues and khaki for the webbing, the webbing received an extra highlight of 72034 bonewhite.

Little details to note in the last photograph, from left to right:
Figure 1: Detail on the straps and webbing.
Fig 2: General view of the camouflage, also a grenade on the chest webbing on the right (hard to see!)
Fig 3: Knife and webbing pouches.
Fig 4: More webbing, bellows pockets on the legs.
Fig 5: Backpack detail, also water container on the webbing.

I shall certainly need to get a few more of these!


  1. They are very nice. Look far better having seen them painted than the pics on the PP website

  2. Paul, these are really good! The detail you have picked up on these is exceptional, congrats!

    1. The scultping must take the congratulations, I only daubed some paint on and applied an ink wash!
      They were very forgiving figures to paint.