Monday, 19 August 2013

More dungeon adventures with the Scouts...

Sunday was one of our regular Scout Games Days.  Several Scouts of varying ages descended into my latest dungeon.  Warriors includes "Honeydew" the Dwarven Trollslayer (presumably the name is what made him so angry...), "74 Hour Amed" the master of swords (Pratchett readers will realise that this should have been 7 Hour Ahmed!), Mandreu the halfling, "Elfy" the Elf and finally "Majestic Butter Squirrel" the wizard.  Needless to say, much chaotic slayage of monsters ensued, the Scouts proving far easier to lure into traps than the regular crowd from the wargames club!

"Honeydew" the dwarf trollslayer takes on 4 goblins and 2 orcs.

The halfling thief confronts a goblin.

"74 Hour Amed" (should be Ahmed) the master of swords is set upon by a goblin and a skeleton.

Honeydew the trollslayer shortly before he was hacked to pieces and eaten,.

One of several bodies discovered in the dungeon (with useful equipment!)

Dark Elf and wizard prepare to fight a beastman.
The dungeon proved to be so popular that I had to run it twice, so my carefully prepared "Escape from Zombietown" game (using USE ME rules) will have to keep until next time!

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  1. Great looking dungeon! Looks like and sound like you had fun. Great names!