Saturday, 17 August 2013

Mad Mecha Guy buildings

 I ordered these buildings from Mad Mecha Guy some months ago but they were packed away ready for my Birthday.  The service was fantastic as usual - I received an e-mail the day after I ordered to say that everything had been freshly cut and was about to go in the post.

This will be a fast food takeaway with entrance and exit doors.
I've already reviewed the watch towers (I had a couple of them before the rest were packed away) so here are some photographs of the shop units.  This is just the basic paint job, they're not finished yet, they need some weathering and additional details.  Several flat walls are crying out for some posters or notices and the odd vent or ducting.  They come with 2 designs of roof, tiled and panelled.  I've left them as they came but it would be easy to add extra detail by sticking a sheet of textured plasticard on top.  There are loads of different combinations of walls you can use.

I've smoothed over the interlocking cut corners with filler.  Rather than use water, I've used paints to mix up the filler, this seems to give a better texture for application and sands to a good finish.  I've used Wilko emulsion tester pots which I've found to give excellent coverage.  Each building received a couple of coats of white MDF sealant, then a very gentle sand with a fine grade foam sanding block.  After wiping off the sanding dust (I just use a big, soft brush) I've followed this with a couple of coats of my chosen colour, again sanding between coats.  This gives a nice smooth finish and helps conceal any grainy or fibrous texture from the MDF.

There are a number of other web sites out there with nice examples of painted buildings from MMG, my two favourite so far are Marja's Miniature Adventures and Dropship Horizon.


Here are a few of the storage containers I got in the same order.  These are fantastic value, just what I need for filling up table space with large objects to provide cover.  I've assembled some with the doors open, these can act as objectives for certain scenarios.


  1. I too have received a substantial order from Mad Mecha fairly recently, and I love the buildings. I have to confess that I don't have the patience to tidy them up as well as you Paul, but I thoroughly endorse them! Thanks for the tip about the tester pots by the way!

  2. I like the look of those storage containers. I was planning to get some at some point but I think you have just bumped them up the queue a bit.