Saturday, 29 December 2012

Zombie reinforcements 4

The next stage with my zombies is to texture the bases.  I paint the bases with thinned down PVA and add a range of different sized bits of grit and sand.

Rather than buying overpriced GW "modelling sand" for £4 or £5 for a 220ml tub, I buy a 25kg bag of sharp sand from HomeBase or Wickes for the same price or less.  Passing it through a couple of sieves and a tea-strainer gives me a range of different sized grits that I save in margarine tubs.  The finest grade is also good for mixing with paint to give a nice textured finish.

Werewolves and SAS

Now that the bases are textured, the next stage will be to undercoat them all.  I'll stick them all to a couple of wooden batons using double sided tape so that I can spray them all in one go.

Earthforce Marines

 I'm using white undercoat for my automata.  Because my current spray can is black I've just brush painted these ones with Vallejo white primer, then used GW red gore and Vallejo bonewhite with a Vallejo sepia ink wash.

Automata / Skeletrons
Their colour scheme is based on the Action Force Skeletron.  I thought that it would make a change from the more traditional metal-coloured terminator style appearance.  If you look closely I haven't painted the feet yet - I still need to drybrush the bases but I'm on holiday and don't have all my paints with me!


  1. Some very nice work there. I've had a batch of 15mm Exterminators from Khurasan sitting on my desk for months now. this might be just what I need to make the time to paint them.

    1. There are certainly lots of nice skeletal robots out there. Have fun with them!

  2. Superb looking Automata. I've been re-reading my Aliens novels lately and those Earthforce marines might fit in well as one of the factions.

    1. They do remind me of the Marines from the end of Alien 3.