Thursday, 27 December 2012

Zombie Reinforcements 3

 Now the first batch are glued to their bases I've added some epoxy putty to fill in the gaps and blend the figure bases into the washers.

Zombie horde
 The zombie horde is coming along nicely.

 Lots more skelebots to come - this will be the first of 7 units.

SAS troops
 The last of my SAS troops to add the the 9 I've already finished (as seen in action earlier this month).

Earthforce Marines
 Another 13 Earthforce Marines still to finish.  Although they're nice figures, it's a shame that all 5 poses are very similar walking/standing, none actually firing.

 I realised that I haven't shown the werewolves yet - also from Rebel Minis.  I've been working on these at the same time.

Special Forces trooper
An extra figure from "The Scene" - a special forces trooper.

Paul's tip for the day - my usual working surface is an A4 cutting board inside a punched pocket.  It provides a shiny surface which cleans very easily - using washers as bases, the epoxy resin often oozes through the hole onto the working surface but it easily peels/pops off once it has set.  The putty also comes off easily as does paint.  When it finally gets too scuffed you can just chuck it away and slip the cutting board into a new one.

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