Saturday, 11 August 2012

Hammer's Slammers

I've been a fan of David Drake's "Hammer's Slammers" books since I first managed to find a copy of the original 1979 short story collection in my local second hand bookshop.  I was inspired to read it by the notes in the back of Ground Zero Games' 1st edition Dirtside for 6mm warfare.  It therefore seems appropriate that I now post a few pictures of my GZG Slammers figures (click for larger images).

SH15-HS1 contains 8 slammers in 6 poses, helmet visors up.

All are wearing brown fatigues with clamshell armour over the top.  Most have 2cm powerguns apart from the squad leader who has a pistol, and the kneeling trooper with a buzzbomb launcher.

Brown fatigues are Vallejo Beastly brown, armour/helmets are Humbrol 86 olive drab and they've received a wash of Vallejo sepia ink for shading.  I wasn't sure what colour to paint the armour, I couldn't find any reference to colour of anything except the fatigues in the books.  I went with the green to provide a bit of contrast, something useful at this sort of scale.

The shoulder badges are the Slammers' emblem, a yellow shield with a rampant lion in red.  These were a bit fiddly to paint!  To fully appreciate them you'll need to click on the image to see the large version...

I've tried to mix in some different skin colours, using combinations of Vallejo Charred brown, Vallejo Beastly brown and Vallejo sepia or black washes.  I'm quite pleased how they've come out.


  1. Very nice. The lion badges were worth the effort. Quite impressive!

  2. Nicely done mate. great job.

  3. Great helmets, everyone else pointed out the great badges so I'm bucking the trend and saying other stuff. Their boots are spiffy also.

  4. Top job, Paul! Everything else has been said!

  5. Thanks for the compliments!

    More Slammers to follow...

  6. Great job on those Paul put my efforts to shame :)

    BTW the fourth guy from the left has a Grenade Launcher the one pointing up slightly :) (its not to obvious)

    What system are you going to play with these?

    Cheers Matt

    1. Now you've said that, I can see that it's some sort of launcher, though ti certainly isn't all that different to the powerguns!

      They'll be used in Tomorrow's War, USE ME and anything else I can think of!

  7. Yes the Launcher is not that different but the angle caught my eye first then noticed there was no sight at the front and that GZG normally put a leader and two support weapons and the rest normal grunts so bingo :)

    I use them with Crucible and Gruntz :) I haven't tried USE ME whats it like ?

  8. I usually end up using TW just because it has a big glossy rulebook that seems to encourage players to have a go! Trying to wean some of the younger players off 40K can be difficult (in fact first comment on seeing that TW was a miniatures wargame that was set in space was "Oh, so it's just like 40K then - rip off!").
    Have only tried USE ME "Zombie Dawn" ( the one time so far, was fairly quick and easy, though the rules could have been slightly better laid out/organised - a bit too much flicking back and forward! The sci-fi and modern rules are pretty much the same. Now you've given me the idea of doing a review of it.