Sunday, 19 August 2012

Cyclops - Heavy Weapons

 My next Cyclops fighting suits, this time the heavy weapon units from GZG pack V15-79B.

I used this as an anti-tank laser in my first game but on closer examination I've decided that it looks more like a missile launcher.

A compact, magazine-fed missile launcher gives a strong anti-tank punch against armoured vehicles, though this can be susceptible to active countermeasures such as detonation fields employed by more advanced opponents.  An important secondary use of this weapon system is creating fighting suit-sized points of entry into buildings and destroying enemy strongpoints.

ATGM detail.
Tomorrow's War stats will be the same as the standard Cyclops apart from the weapon:

Weapons: ATGM launcher
TL 3 Heavy AP:4 / AT:4 (H)
Negates ERA, deck attack, -1 to Active Point Defence (TW rules are unclear here, is that -1 to die type or -1 to die roll?  I'm assuming it's probably the latter.)

This is my second support unit, sporting a rather nice flamethrower.

A flame projector has proved a particularly effective weapon for use against infantry and in tunnel fighting (where the flames consume much of the oxygen, severely degrading the performance of enemy troops without breathing apparatus).  It can also prove effective against softskin vehicles.

Weapons: Flame thrower
 TL2  AP:6 / AT:3 (M)
8" range
Intimidating weapon (unit that is fired upon must make morale check to avoid being suppressed, regardless of whether attack is successful).

Note: info in both the TW & FoF rule books is a bit contradictory on this.  I've gone for this being an infantry-sized weapon rather than the vehicle mounted one, mainly because of the small fuel canisters.  Ranges of the vehicle weapon are different in the main text (12") and ranges in the box-out (16"), but the example M2FT "Pyro" armoured fighting suit at the end of the book feature flamethrower with a range of 10"!  I've just used the stats for that weapon but with range set at 8".

Flamethrower detail.

My first use of the fighting suits didn't go particularly well because I forgot about the "stealth" ability I'd given them!  You can read about it here.  Hopefully I'll get a chance to try them again soon.  In the meantime, here are a couple of comparison pictures showing a Cyclops with some of the forces alongside which they'll be fighting.

Cyclops and Marine technician for size comparison

  Another comparison shot...

L-R: GZG Gurkha, GZG NAC Marine, The Scene Battle Robot , GZG NAC power armour (old style & new style), GZG Cyclops


  1. Very cool support units as for the rocket launcher I think it could be used as either

  2. I am not a great lover of the new Cyclops fighting suits because they just don't look 'mechie' enough for my taste but you have really made them pop with your painting skills especially the flamer variant. Rreally nice work as always Paul.

  3. Very nice. Did you airbrush on the colors?

    1. No airbrush, all hand painted with Humbrol enamels. Black primer with brown base coat drybrushed on very heavily, then grey and green drybrushed on as a camo pattern. More recently I've just painted the colours straight on in solid blocks, then given a wash of black ink and future floor polish. This still produces a good effect.
      Some examples of this at the end of this post: