Saturday, 21 January 2012

GZG Free Cal-Tex

 Some more oldies from Ground Zero Games... the Free Cal-Tex.  As usual, click for larger versions of the images.

SG15-T01 is the standard pack, comprising squad leader, support gunner, RPG style missile launcher and 4 riflemen.  The final figure is kneeling with a long-barrelled variant of their standard assault rife.  You could use this as either a sniper rifle or another SAW, though you'll see that it's slightly different from the standing gunner's weapon.

  I've already reviewed this pack back in January 2011, so I won't go into too much detail here.

 This time I've gone for a blue/grey colour scheme as suggested by Jon at GZG.  The blues are Humbrol 104 Oxford Blue base with 24 Blue highlighting and a final light drybrush of GW enchanted blue.  The grey is Vallejo 72.050 Cold Grey, black ink wash, drybrush of base colour then highlight of Vallejo 72.049 Stonewall Grey. Visors are Vallejo 72.051 black (not sure if it's supposed to be gloss, but my bottle is so it's just right!).  Weapons are Humbrol 33 matt black with a Humbrol 32 dark grey drybrush.

I also have a pack of kneeling/prone troopers.  These are actually slightly smaller than the first pack, more similar to GZG's New Israelis in size.  I realised that I haven't taken a comparison shot with the kneeling figure from the original group, I shall have to remedy that and add it to this post.  They're still in scale within the pack, so the weapons, armour etc. are also proportionally smaller.  This means that they look fine on their own, but the two sets might look slightly odd mixed on a base!


  1. These are nice, Paul, as always. I have just recently bought some of these from Jon, having seen your review. I do like this colour scheme! I have pinched some of your colour schemes before, but never done them justice. No imagination for my own colours, I guess!

  2. Agreed - great color scheme, I might have to swipe it for one of my forces.

    Are you sending these pictures to Jon so he can update his webstore?

    -Chris K.

  3. Thanks for this review. It is actually a pretty useful pack, you get everything you'd need for a squad. Three of them for a platoon. Pity there aren't any different command figures for a platoon HQ.

  4. Have already sent Jon some pics, I think he's got a bit of a backlog though.

    I'm glad my pictures provide some inspiration for others. Plenty of my ideas are inspired by what other people have produced too!