Monday, 2 January 2012

The Guavan Defence Force

My entry for the Tomorrow's War Strike Force competition.

The island state of Guava on Libellula has a small defence force which is based in barracks on the outskirts of the Guavan capital, Canteloupe.  This is an example of a small combined arms force typical of the Guavan military.  Guava is not a rich nation, and has not adopted expensive grav vehicles.  Instead, they have opted for easily maintained wheeled vehicles.  Guava's jungles are impassable for almost any vehicle, so this wheeled transport can deliver infantry quickly and easily along Guava's road network, ready for them to de-bus and proceed on foot when required.  Recent action on Libellula has seen the GDF operating in other environments such as desert, time will tell if this forces the GDF to purchase additional different vehicle types.

Two squads of mechanised infantry form the core of the force.  The infantry operate as either entire squads or split into two fireteams, with their IFVs providing transport and fire support as required.

The main anti-armour element of this force is the heavy walker, which carries two energy cannon, an ATGM pod plus twin machine gun clusters.  This walker has better off-road performance in the jungle than wheeled/tracked or GEV vehicles, and can slip between the trees more easily than a grav vehicle.  A Fire Support Vehicle adds additional firepower to the force, carrying a three man crew plus a 4-man fireteam for integral infantry support.

The GDF makes limited use of robotic drones, seen here with their technical support crew.  These drones can be used in a variety of ways, adding firepower to infantry squads of moving about independently, hunting for suitable infantry/softskin vehicle targets.  Also pictured here are a 4-man security detail to protect the tech crew, plus Force Commander Spencer with his bodyguard, comms officer and personal scout car (plus driver).

Not shown in the main picture, the Guavan military also makes use of water craft such as this light patrol boat, usually used in coastal or riverine operations.  This squad of troops have chosen to replace their hard helmets with soft bush hats, more comfortable for cruises through the jungle interior of Guava.

**Addition to post...**

My Tomorrow's War stats:

GDF Troops
Confidence Level: Confident
Supply Quality Level: Normal
Overall Tech Level: 2
On Grid? No
Body Armour: TL2 light armour (1D)
Troop Quality / Morale: D8/D10

Standard squad includes:
1 x Squad Leader w/ACR

5 x Rifleman w/ACR
1 x Gunner w/ACR SAW (Lt. AP:1)
1 x Missileer w/LAW (TL2, Med. AP:2/AT:2 (M))
(Squad often splits into 2 fireteams which may vary in composition depending upon the mission)

Heavy Walker
Tech: 3
Class: H
Type: S
Weapons: Heavy guns - EWS, AP:6/AT:5 (H)
ATGM pod AP:4/AT:4 (H)
MG clusters AP:5/AT:2 (L) (combined firepower)
F: 4D12
S: 4D12
R: 3D12
D: 2D12
Crew: 1
Notes: Advanced Sensors
Backup AI
Detonation Field (YL3)
Safe Haven

Scout Car
Tech: 2
Class: L
Type: W
Weapons: None
F: 3D8
S: 2D8
R: 2D6
D: 1D6
Crew: 1+3
Notes: Advanced Sensors

Mechanised Combat Vehicle
Tech: 2
Class: M
Type: W
Weapons: Light Cannon - TL2 ABW AP:4/AT:2 (M)
MGs: 3D

F: 3D10
S: 2D10
R: 2D8
D: 1D6
Crew: 3 + 8
Notes: Smoke dischargers
Detonation Field

Fire Support Vehicle

Tech: 2
Class: M
Type: W
Weapons: Cannon - TL2 ABW AP:5/AT:6 (H)
MGs: 3D

F: 4D10
S: 3D10
R: 3D8
D: 1D6
Crew: 3 + 8
Notes: Smoke dischargers
Heavy Hitter
Detonation Field

Riverine/Littoral Patrol Vessel

Type: Naval
Weapons: Machine Gun - TL2 Hvy support AP:4/AT:1 (L)

F: 2D6
S: 1D6
R: 1D6
D: 1D6
Crew: 2 + 8 (exposed)
Notes: Obsolete


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  2. Wow. Your infantry are spectacular! What is the green?

    I really like the camo scheme. Same one I'm about to use on some Old Crow stuff.

    PS. Apologies for the double post.

  3. Great looking entry, I always enjoy your work!

  4. Great job! The competition will be hard for us all...

  5. A very nice cohesive looking force, I tried to get that Mech but couldn't find one.

  6. Cohesive looking force & excellent paint. What company are the wheeled vehicles from?

  7. Very nice as always Paul-best of luck!

  8. The wheeled armor (IFVs and FSV) look like Komodos, they were produced by a small company called DLD Productions a few years ago. I think they ran into some financial trouble and closed down after 2008 or became a convention-only storefront (I did a quick search which appears to confirm this). They had both a 15mm and 28mm range of their models.

  9. Sorry it's taken me a while to respond...

    Millsy - the green on the infantry is an old pot of GW Goblin Green. More details if you look up my OUDF infantry post (February 2011).

    Rabidchild - Jonathan is quite correct, the wheeled vehicles are indeed Kamodo personnel carriers from DLD (see my review January 2011). The small scout car is a Matchbox "Stoat" vehicle (again, see Jan 2011).

    Thank you for your compliments - from what I've seen there is plenty of stiff competition out there! Good luck to anyone else entering!