Saturday, 26 March 2011

Forest strike

Recent pictures from a COIN (Counter Insurgency) operation on Gordon's Gamble...

With the internal security situation continuing to worsen on Gordon's Gamble, the planetary governor has requested additional support. Task Force JUNIPER has been dispatched, and is working in conjunction with local security forces to try and counteract rebel activity.

Here a marine DropShip skims in low over the forest near Bailey's Beacon. Intelligence has pinpointed a small rebel group operating from some old mining buildings, and a strike detachment has been sent to investigate. Bailey's Beacon is the planet's main spacefield, and rebel forces cannot be allowed to operate this close.

The marines deploy from their DropShip into a small clearing. The DropShip will remain on-station in case emergency CASEVAC is required.

No sign of the Rebels yet - everything is quiet. The marines prepare to advance into the forest.

The section leader receives a com report. "That way!"

They run into a small rebel force as they approach the buildings. "Contact - wait, out!"

The rebels put up stiff resistance, but are armed mainly with shotguns and pistols.

The marines take cover and return fire. With assault rifles and squad automatic weapons, they have overwhelming firepower, and will soon prevail.

The surviving 2 rebels take cover within the buildings, but will not last much longer.

Task Force JUNIPER's first operation has been a success - but this is only the first in what could be a long, drawn out campaign...


  1. Very nice pictures, love the paint job on the NAC troopers. Great stuff!

  2. Looking great :-)
    Keep it up!