Saturday, 9 April 2011

A few works in progress...

A few works in progress... OUDF native Australian trooper. He's either talking into a communicator, eating a biscuit, or checking his face-paint in a make-up compact.

Protolene Khanate infantry

Kaamados Dominion Agaamid. Does the purple and grey colour scheme really work? Laura my wife quite likes it!


  1. Purple and grey scheme looks good, they complement each other.

    Spartan 117

  2. The Agaamid looks fantastic - the purple and grey work really well.

    I like the Khanate troopers as well. I've got a number to paint up and have been interested to see what other people have done.

  3. I really like the purple and grey scheme.

  4. Thanks for the feedback - hope to get some more pics of finished Agaamids up soon!