Saturday, 5 March 2011

Just a couple of figures...

Not much this week - I need to have another photo session, running out of pictures!

I've recently painted this GZG tech/starship crew member. He's going to be supporting my NAC marines, so his overalls are painted in the same pattern as their uniforms - Humbrol dark grey with GW goblin green patches and a light drybrush of Humbrol light grey over the top. As the marines are wearing body armour, their sleeves are the only part which shows the uniform in this photograph!

One of my older 15mm figures - a Shia Khan goblin Malig from Alternative Armies/ When I got my figures, they were in a pack of about 20, ready for their old Firefight rules, but these days they've been split into 2 groupings, some classed as heavy weapons. I used to play firefight quiet a bit; very easy to pick up, a cinematic feel to the action and it also included very good solo play rules. I mainly played in 25mm scale, but did pick up a pack of 15mm Crusaders and this pack of Maligs too.

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