Saturday, 5 February 2011

Machinery tower scenery

I've been busy with my plaster building blocks cast from Hirst Arts moulds. One of the planets in my fictional universe has a lot of abandoned mining machinery scattered near the small human settlements. This is one such piece.

This was something of a test piece, so I used some of my miscast blocks with air bubbles (I was in a rush when I cast this lot and forgot to tap the bubbles out before it set!).

This is some sort of processing tower. You can see a conveyor rising up the side.

Painting is with Inscribe acrylics, a mixture of ultramarine blue & raven black highlighted by adding a few drops of white. GW chainmail was used for the metallic areas. Rust is Inscribe burnt umber for the dark brown with edges highlighted in a brighter burnt sienna.

Technician and robot assistant from Ground Zero Games. Unfortunately, I think this old bit of equipment is beyond their ability to repair...

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  1. Wow! Really nice piece of scenery. And with the addition of two figures it tells a story. Well done.