Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Ground Zero Games OUDF Review

I love these little figures from GZG. It was the overhanging helmets on the kneeling/prone figures that caught my eye on the web site, and I assumed the standing figures would have the same design. I was not disappointed!

As you can see below, there are two standard riflemen, one aiming and the other in a more relaxed pose. You also get a squad automatic weapon, a LAW-style missile launcher and a commander shouting into his radio.

A rear view (I've missed out the duplicates) shows you their backpacks and webbing. You can see the missileman has his bullpup pattern assault rifle slung over his shoulder. I've used GW goblin green for the fatigues, Humbrol 186 brown for the armour, helmets & boots. The whole figure has been washed with watered down Vallejo sepia ink, before highlights were drybrushed with the original base colours. Visors are GW red gore highlighted with a drop of white, then glazed with GW red ink. Weapons are black with Humbrol grey. The whole lot were painted in a single evening, surprisingly quick for me!

I realised that my 15mm forces are looking very pale at present, so I've been experimenting with some different skin tones. All start with a base coat of my standard flesh mix. On the left we have an undiluted Vallejo sepia ink wash for an African appearance (depending upon hairstyle, it looks more Indian on other figures). The middle figure has a GW yellow/Vallejo sepia wash, highlighted with basic flesh plus a drop of GW sunburst yellow. I'm not suer whether this looks oriental, or perhaps just jaundiced. On the right we have a watered down Vallejo sepia wash with flash highlights for my standard finish.

Overall grade for these figures: A - a fantastic little set of figures with loads of character and excellent poses. All we need is another couple of packs please Jon!

To finish (and on a different topic entirely): a picture of my work-in-progress NAC dropship skimming the tree-tops on the planet "Gordon's Gamble" whilst hunting for rebels.


  1. I really like these guys too..And I also had to guess about their appearance based on the kneeling figures but was glad I did. Love the color scheme!

  2. Great review! I also like these guys. I just wish there were more sculpts! Do you think their kit is reminiscent of another force that speak in Australian accents and drive around in 4x4s named after a type of pig fighting a collection of more advanced alien species on a ring-world? :-)