Tuesday, 29 June 2010


The future is a dangerous place - which is why efficient medical aid is essential.

Enter the colony ambulance...

This being a grotty colony world, they're stuck with a low-tech wheeled ambulance rather than an expensive grav vehicle. Yes, I know it's a little over-scale, but hopefully that won't be quite so noticeable in the midst of a battle (especially if it's only background scenery). I have a couple of these old Matchbox ambulances, one more battered than the other. When I get the chance, they will be stripped & re-painted in a different colour scheme, possibly white and a pale surgical green. I have a couple of civilians who will be painted as med-techs in pale surgical green jumpsuits, so that should tie them together neatly.

As a bonus, this ambulance has opening rear doors, which... Hey, that doesn't look like a medical droid! Better hope no colonists require first aid until we get a proper doctor!

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