Tuesday, 1 June 2010

DLD Kamodo AFVs

A pair of very nice Kamodo Armoured Fighting Vehicles from DLD (plus GZG NAC marine for scale). Both have been assembled with superglue, apart from the wheels. These were attached using araldite epoxy resin, so that they could be adjusted slightly to ensure they are all level and the vehicle doesn't wobble. Small cardboard spacers were inserted above each wheel while the glue set, and removed afterwards so that the tyre isn't resting directly against the top of the wheel arch.

These are almost finished - they just need some stowage added, plus a commander figure in the hatch of the IFV (left unpainted at present to provide better purchase for the glue).

They are being painted in a standard UK temperate camo scheme - Humbrol matt75 bronze green, over which black stripes will be added.


  1. DLD still in oporation? Where did you get them?

  2. I got these 3rd hand. I'm afraid that I don't know if DLD are still up & running at the moment. I just grabbed these when I had the chance!