Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Grumpy's shopping trip

Time for a trip to the shops! And being environmentally aware, Grumpy the colonist, his missus and their friend have decided to take the bus. (OK, actually it's because his survivalist motor-caravan isn't yet finished so he hasn't got any other transport - one more reason to look grumpy...)

This bus is from French manufacturer Majorette - hence the Parisian route information & advertising on the side. As always, disassembly followed by paint stripping (metal parts only!) and re-painting will provide the colony world with another useful item of scenery. It could even form part of a scenario - rescue the helpless colonists from the evil alien invasion.

I'm thinking that with a couple of magnets concealed in the roof, I could also build a clip-on armoured shell for more post-apocalyptic adventures.

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