Saturday, 20 February 2010

Mobile Missile System

"We've all been there. You need mobile close air defence, but there's no room in the DropShip for a light tank based launcher unit, and the groundmount system is unmanoeuverable and just too tactically limited. Until now, you've just had to hunker down and hope the enemy fighters don't make an attack run until your backup arrives..."

"Introducing the new mobile missile system for all your medium surface-to-surface and surface-to-air combat needs! The marriage of a tried and tested 4-round medium missile battery with the drive unit from a Mobile Autonomous Weapons System give you the flexibility that you need on the modern battlefield. The tracked chassis gives a stable fire platform for the launcher system coupled with good mobility over rough terrain."

Following a conversation with Jon at GZG, this little project came about, and Jon kindly let me add a MAWP to my order, which already included some missile launchers. The inspiration came from the old Action Force "Z-Force Dart" mobile missile system, and uses parts from V15-25D Medium Missile Battery on groundmount and V15-22B MAWP(T) with Plasma Gun.

The missile launcher section has been assembled in the normal fashion, as has the base unit for the MAWP. As Jon uses the same diameter rod for all the small turret mountings, so all I needed to do was drill the mounting hole on the MAWP slightly deeper and the conversion was done - nice and easy! Now to see how the Plasma Gun from the MAWP looks on a groundmount...

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