Saturday, 20 February 2010

Colonial Security

These Colonial Security officers from GZG (SG15-V6 Colonial Security (Cops) pack 2) will be out policing the city soon.

After the standard Humbrol enamel matt 33 black undercoat, the faces and hands were painted with my own flesh mix (old GW bronzed flesh, Humbrol acrylic flesh, a dash of GW bestial brown), followed by a GW flesh wash and highlighting with the flesh mix. Jackets were painted Humbrol matt 104 oxford blue acrylic. When I find my large pot of Humbrol 25 blue acrylic, they'll receive a light drybrush of that. Trousers are also Humbrol acrylics, base coat of 32 matt dark grey followed by a drybrush of matt 64 light grey. Waistband and cuffs on the jackets were re-painted in black. Pistols are black, and the shotgun will possibly be given a brown stock and barrel grip. Bases have received a coat of PVA & sand, which was then painted with brown/grey/green finish.

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