Saturday, 20 February 2010

GZG Light Vacc-Suits

When I saw these light vacc-suits from GZG (SG15-V15 Armed crew figures in light duty vacc-suits and SG15-V10 Spacesuited crew in light-duty vacc-suits) , I instantly thought of my old "Action Force" Space Patrol / Security Trooper figures. It was the helmet in particular. I could already picture them in my mind's eye painted with orange environment suits, grey helmets and black visors.
As my AF figures are still in Mum & Dad's loft several hundred miles away, it was time to take a look at "
Blood for the Baron", a fantastic archive of everything Action-Force related! I found the figure I was after - the Space Security Trooper.

On closer inspection, I decided to leave out some features of the original figures - bright blue gloves, boots and weapons don't seem out of place when you're 10, but just didn't give the right gritty sci-fi feel to tie them in with my other 15mm figures. I'll go for grey gloves and black boots. The old AF figures had a one-piece armoured torso and helmet, but the GZG figures have an unarmoured torso. Rather than indulge in fiddly conversion work, I just went with the figures as they are.

Undercoat - Humbrol matt 33 black enamel
Base coat - Heavy drybrush of Humbrol 100 german army red-brown enamel
Mid coat- Lighter drybrush of Humbrol 70 matt brick red enamel
Top coat - light drybrush of Humbrol matt 82 orange lining enamel
Helmet/gloves - Humbrol 33 black with a drybrush of matt 32 dark grey acrylic


  1. Has to be one of my favourite photos of 15mm Sci Fi miniatures.


  2. Thanks - I was going for the "Right Stuff" astronauts walking out the launch pad sort of feel!