Saturday, 18 March 2017

Action Force - SAS Force

Action Force moved swiftly to retake Ascendancy Island, and this time the operation went like clockwork.  Q Force, the naval element, reconnoitred Ascendancy Island, capturing a Red Shadow.  Space Force satellites observed the Baron's movements.  SAS Force parachuted secretly behind the Red Shadow defensive lines, ready to attack from the rear when the moment came.

I've used Peter Pig WWII British 14th Army figures with sten guns and tommy guns for my SAS Force soldiers, the original heads swapped for British commando stocking cap heads.  These match the SAS force action figures fairly well, "Quickfire" having been equipped with a Thompson SMG.  The 14th army figures are carrying plenty of equipment which compares well with the action figures and ties in with their appearance in the Battle Action Force comics.  Some of the SAS action figures were finished in a grey and black camouflage pattern, others were all in black.  For the moment I've opted for the all-black colour scheme, I don't know how well the grey and black pattern would show up at 15mm scale but I might experiment with the next batch to see what result I get.


  1. Interesting so this is the British GI Joe?

    It is always hard to work dark and small, I tend to cheat a bit and do the webbing and back packs etc. a shade or two lighter just for a bit of contrast.

    1. Yes, this was the UK equivalent of GI Joe. In fact several GI Joe figures and vehicles were re-coloured and used as Action Force. They evantually merged to become "GI Joe - the Action Force", dropping the 4 teams and using only GI Joe figures.

    2. When GI Joe came out I was already in the army for a few years so I never really followed it to close until my son got into it and I was buying him the figures...)