Sunday, 12 March 2017

Action Force - Red Shadows

The disaster in Antarctica could have spelled the end of Action Force but fortunately the chance to redeem themselves followed quickly.  Baron Ironblood invaded Ascendancy Island, a small sovereign nation in the mid-Atlantic Ocean.  Concealing a nuclear bomb on the island, Ironblood demanded a ransom or he would detonate the device.

The Red Shadows are the footsoldiers of the evil Baron Ironblood.

These started off as Peter Pig late war Germans.  The Sg44 assault rifles are a good match for the weapons used by Red Shadows in the comics.  Heavy weapons will be a mixture of Panzerschrecks, which are close enough to the bazooka issued with the original action figure, and MG42 light machine guns.  All my Red Shadows have needed some conversion work to the helmet to create that distinctive shape.

Base colour for them all is my trust old pot of GW red gore.  A Vallejo sepia ink wash brings out the detail and prevents them looking too bright.  Weapons, webbing and boots are matt black with a Humbrol 36 grey drybrush.  Final details are the black triangles on the shoulders and helmet, followed by white edging on the collar, "V" shapes on the sleeves and a teeny-tiny skull and crossbones on the helmet.

*Update* - Found one of my Red Shadows, so here's what I was aiming to achieve...


  1. Nice looking figures! I'd say they look cooler than their American Cobra infantry counterparts. :)

  2. Excellent work bring your Red Shadows to 15mm life. :)