Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Old Crow turret mounts

 Just a quick post today - a couple of photographs of my Old Crow turret bases.  These will serve a number of uses in my games.  They'll often be fitted with heavy anti-aircraft missile systems plus a tracking/control unit to co-ordinate their fire.  This will provide an overwhelming air defence environment in my games of Tomorrow's War and could also serve as a set of objectives for an enemy force.

Neo-Colonial Commonwealth air defence site in operation.

They will sometimes be fitted with gun turrets fitted, usually anti-personnel cannon acting in a perimeter defence role.  Ideal for keeping out unfriendly natives or unpleasant wildlife...

Look out - dinosaur!


  1. Paul, are these the 15mm turret bases or the 28mm turret bases? I want to get a few for use with 20mm, but I'm a bit confused now.

  2. These are the 15mm turret bases, should look fine with 20mm.

  3. You would not happen to remember the code for the twin gatling turret, do you? I can't find it on the listing I see on the Wayback machine

    1. No specific code for these, they're just described in the 15mm turrets section as "Support Turret" (5th down?), £2 when I last ordered. They come with the rotary barrels or single barrels, you get both sets so you don't have to choose before you buy.

  4. I need to have my eyes examind I think, I found them now. Thank you for the assistance!