Thursday, 3 July 2014

Old Crow Claymore heavy APC

Commonwealth combat cyborgs deploy from their Claymore.
I've been working on some Old Crow vehicles for some time and as you'll have seen from the pictures of the turret bases I posted the other day, they're just about reaching completion.  I still need to apply some decals and weathering but because I haven't seen my Letraset for some time there's no telling when I'll get any further!  With that in mind I thought I'd start posting some pictures now...

First the vehicles were cleaned up, very little to do other than a spot of sanding here and there and a good scrub with an old toothbrush and some washing up liquid.  The turret was assembled using araldite epoxy resin.  Various bits of equipment were attached with superglue.

Additional equipment includes:
Backpacks and crates from Old Crow stowage pack
Brass tube (to house cleaning equipment for the main gun)
Stowage boxes and small oil can from Continental Model Supply Company (now Kingfisher Models pack MA-9, loads of useful bits inhere!)
Wire for the kinetic recovery cable draped over the top hull
Wire and a couple of chain links for the U-shackles on the front lower hull
Wire for various grab handles on the hull and turret
Ammo box from The Scene

After an undercoat of Wilko grey spray the vehicle received a base coat of Humbrol 29 Matt Dark Earth.  Stowage rolls and crates are a mix of various greens from Vallejo and old GW paints.

Backpacks are Vallejo stonewall grey with GW scorpion green camo flecks, to match the uniforms of my Commonwealth marines.

Camouflage was added in the form of Humbrol 86 Matt Olive Green and 27 Matt Sea Grey.  This was left to dry for a few days before applying a wash of Pledge/Future floor polish and black ink.  Additional shadows were hand painted with the same shading mixture, accentuating the panel lines.  A gentle drybrush of Humbrol 93 desert sand highlighted the panel edges.

The Claymore heavy APC will be used by my cyborgs.  It's bigger than a normal APC so will have enough space for spares and maintenance equipment.  The main gun will also provide good supporting fire.  Some Claymores will be deployed as command vehicles using the communications turret.

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  1. Nice work on all the little additions like the handles sir. She came up a treat!