Sunday, 24 March 2013

I need more buildings! (A belated part 3!)

Regular readers might have recognised the background scenery in my Kaamados Dominion post as one of the buildings I've been working on.  It was mostly completed a couple of months ago but I keep forgetting to finish off the drybrushing when I have the right paints out.  Today I finally remembered!

The most intact side of the building.
I decided to have the large hole in the front of the building so that BattleMechs can fire out, also prone weapons teams cam make use of the section of floor behind the hole.

The most damaged side.
The base is 20x20cm to fit in with all my other bases which are variations on a 10x10cm basic size.  The zombies give you an idea of the scale of the building.

Intermediate damage.
It's been painted with a medium grey, some brown drybrushed here and there to give a patchy appearance with a final drybrush of "silver grey".


  1. Faboulous!

    Thanks to your blog I'm now getting more and more into 15mm instead of 28mm!

    Check it out at some point if you care to. :-D

  2. Lovely, Paul! I'm such a sucker for terrain, ruins in particular ;)