Sunday, 24 February 2013

Size comparison pictures - GZG, CMG, The Scene, Rebel,

 I was asked about how the size of the Kaamados Dominion figures from Critical Mass Games compare to other figures, so I thought I'd take some group photographs.  I thought I may as well add in a few figures from a range of manufacturers, so here goes!

Because I like fairly small bases, bear in mind that all the non-GZG figures have had their cast-on bases filed down and glued onto washers (or 1p pieces in the case of the larger figures), so their heights may differ depending upon how other people base their figures.  I've started to abbreviate the names towards the end, just comment on the post if you need any extra info on which packs any of the figures come from (and apologies for any errors that might have crept in).  Click on each if you want a larger view.

L-R: GZG OUDF trooper, CMG Vivipara, GZG NSL hardsuit, CMG Draco Aganath Maxima, GZG tech, CMG Agaamid, GZG UNSC light infantry, CMG Protolene Khanate Hunter command

L-R: The Scene battle android, CMG Vivipara, GZG NAC Marine, CMG Draco, automata, CMG Agaamid, Rebel minis zombei hunter, The Scene zombie hunter

Next there are the power armoured figures on their own.

L-R: CMG Vivipara, GZG NSL Power Armour, CMG Draco, GZG NAC Power Armour (old), CMG ARC Fleet Augment, GZG NAC Power Armour (new), CMG Agaamid

L-R: NAC Power Armour (old), CMG Agaamid, GZG NAC Marine, CMG Vivipara, GZG Power Armour (new)
 Now the purely non power-armour figures:

L-R: The Scene battle android, CMG Protolene Khanate, GZG NAC Marine, automata, GZG NSL hardsuit, Rebel Minis zombie hunter, GZG tech, The Scene zombie hunter, GZG Light UNSC, GZG OUDF trooper
Finally, a mix of GZG figures showing the variation in size within a single company.

L-R (all GZG): NSL Power Armour, NAC PA (old) NAC PA (new), NAC Marine, NSL hardsuit, OUDF trooper, tech, Light UNSC
In conclusion, I think you'll probably agree that all the companies that I have featured today mix together very well.  The CMG powered armour towers over normal troops in a suitably intimidatory fashion but doesn't look out of place.  The rest all seem to be within the normal range of height variation you'd expect within a population and hey - this is science fiction!  Low or high gravity worlds will no doubt affect people's height and build, providing a good excuse for anyone who appears to be outside the norm.


  1. Great shots, thank you very much! And i've never seen those NSL power armor before, those seem like those would be great as a re-sculpt like the other ranges...

    1. I think they're one of my favourite power armour designs - even if NSL troops clearly have wasp-waists! Maybe their power armour elite are all female?

  2. Awesome! Thanks for this. Bookmarked this page for future reference.

    You have a great mix of figs, Paul

  3. Useful pics mate thanks for doing this.

  4. Very nicely done, and useful information. Thanks!

  5. Great paint work and very useful comparisons. I think there's a thread on TMP regarding figure size comparisons that this post would look good in - Dan the Threadomancer would be the chap to find it ;)

  6. Just found this.
    Thanks for the pics, very helpful.
    You should update it with new pics.