Monday, 25 February 2013

Kryomek Helcat repaint

 I've finished a quick repaint of my Helcat.  Rather than strip it back to bare metal I just put an extra layer over the existing blue colour scheme.  Base coat is Humbrol desert yellow 93 with Vallejo beastly brown and GW rotting flesh disruptive stripes.  A Vellejo sepia wash blends it all together.  Actually you can hardly see it in these photographs.  At some point I'll drybrush the base colours back over the camo pattern so that it stands out a little more, but for now it's ready for action!

Helcat with GZG NSL power armour and UNSC light infantry for scale.

Advantage of painting over existing colours was that I didn't need to repaint all the metal bits!

Note radiation warning panel left from previous paint job.


  1. It came out pretty good, I have two of these myself done in urban cammo, always used them as 15mm

  2. It works, and looks fine to me Bro!

  3. That's a lot of firepower!

  4. Nice work the repaint looks great.