Saturday, 5 May 2012

Head swaps

 First an apology for misleading you - the fellow on the left isn't a head swap at all, he's just a Rebel Minis street punk (can't remember which pack he came from) that I though I may as well throw in with the other two.

The real subjects of this post are a pair of GZG armed colonists/civilans from SG15-V07 and SG15-V08.  I've used a couple of the gas mask heads from SG15-XH2.  Existing heads were carefully cut off and saved for re-use elsewhere.  A hole was drilled down into the torso and the head clipped from its sprue leaving a 5mm stalk to drop into the hole.  A blob of epoxy resin to seal it in place and it's all finished.

I'm particularly pleased with the way that the aiming figure has turned out.  Rather sinister...


  1. I'm going to have to buy some of those heads.They really change the figs.

  2. Great head swap. The left guy is from this pack

    1. Thank you! My Rebel Minis order didn't have any packs labelled, so I couldn't remember exactly which ones came from which set!

  3. Nice conversions and paintjobs. Agree they look a little sinister

  4. Fantastic... Will definetly try something like this too.