Monday, 14 November 2011

SG15-IF05 - Islamic Federation Troops (helmets) kneeling & prone

My last few Islamic Federation figures - same colour scheme as the rest but with brown helmets to match their body armour/boots.  I decided on green visors, mainly because I hadn't given any of my other figures a green visor up to this point.

Here's a multi-angle shot giving a range of different views.  You can see that each trooper has a backpack and a number of little pouches.  The helmet has some sort of built in hood that covers the trooper's neck, perhaps to give protection from the sun?

Blackstone has asked me what I use for the bases.  I use builders' sand, sifted using a couple of old sieves of differing mesh sizes.  The figure's base is painted in slightly watered-down PVA, after which one or two larger bits from the sand (about 2-4mm) are positioned with a pair of tweezers.  I then sprinkle a few bits of the medium sand (about 1mm) and finish off with the finest sifting which is a mixture ranging from just under 1mm down to fine dust.  The spray undercoat helps stick the sand in place, and I usually give it a thinned coat of 50/50 PVA and dark brown paint to bind it all together.  A drybrush of light brown followed by green then grey finishes the base in a temperate  colour scheme.  The bases of my Islamic Federation troopers have been given almost the same treatment, but I've just used the finer sand.  The desert colour scheme is Inscribe acrylic flat desert sand.  When the figures received their shading wash, I applied it across the base too.  The base then received a quick drybrush of the base sand colour, then a final highlight of Vallejo bonewhite.  The edge of the base is painted Humbrol 29 matt dark earth.


  1. It's all your fault Paul-I've ordered some of this range as well now! Great job as always!

  2. Thanks for all the pictures of the various GZG figures. I really like your work on the Islamic Federation troopers. what colors/paints do you use for the helmets/uniforms/backpacks, etc.? They look very nice! Thanks.

  3. Clothing = Humbrol desert yellow, boots/helmet = Vallejo Beastly Brown, all washed with Vallejo sepia ink.

    Glad you like them!