Sunday, 6 November 2011

Robot week - day 7 V15-60A UAV Hoverdrones

For fast reconnaisance work capable of covering a wide area, nothing beats an aerial drone.  They are also capable or responding quickly to sudden changes on the battlefield, closing rapidly to stop an enemy breakthrough or exploit a gap in the enemy’s lines.

These drones used by my NAC forces are multi-role units.  They can perform reconnaisance operations but are also well armed to support ground forces.  A large ducted fan provides lift with 3 rear-mounted engines giving forward momentum.  Stub wings aid stability, and can give additional lift as speed increases.  Hardpoints mounted in the wing roots provide fitting points for either 2 tri-barrel gun mounts or 4 anti-tank missile pods.  A range of sensors are mounted on the front of the drone, some in a “look-down” position.  These models are also fitted with a pair of searchlights.  Though the drone itself has night-vision capabilities, the searchlights provide a useful means of illuminating targets for allied forces, and have proven useful in both military and civilian search-and-rescue operations.  They can also be used to provide a direction indicator to ground troops in the same way as tracer fire.

Aerial drones do have some disadvantages.  While their altitude helps them spot more targets, it also makes them a far more visible target, especially if they are using their searchlights.  Unlike ground units, they cannot lie silently in ambush as the hum of their fans will give them away, as will the movement of vegetation from the fan backwash.  With the range of robots that my NAC troops have available, they are able to make the most of each robot’s advantages whilst minimising their disadvantages.

My Tomorrow's War stats:

"Dumb 'Bots"
Tech Level 2
Troop Quality D8

Twin Tribarrel cannon:TL2, Hvy, EWS, AP:5/AT:2 (L) (This includes the +1 firepower bonus for EWS and +1 firepower bonus for the second tribarrel.  Ignore 1 die of target's cover/armour.  -1 to reaction tests).

Missile pods: TL2 ATGM, 4D (negates ERA, performs deck attack)


  1. Hey Paul,
    Thanks for posting these-I wondered what they would look like painted up-very nice. Next on my shopping list!

  2. Really nice, you are pumping out some great stuff.

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