Saturday, 22 October 2011

Tomorrow's War

Well, my pre-ordered copy of Tomorrow's War arrived from Amazon last weekend, and I played the first game on Sunday at the Old Buckenham Bone Crushers.

An exciting battle, 8 powered armour troopers (CMG Kaamados Vivipara and Agaamids) moving in to rescue 2 pilots from a crashed VTOL, GZG NAC Narines and DLD Kamodo IFVs trying to stop them.  Marines ended up getting slaughtered so we started bringing in reinforcements from the second turn.  I had seeded the area with hotspots as I suspected this might happen!

Weight of fire gradually wore down the powered armour, I'll try and write a more complete battle report and pop in a few photographs too.

So far I'm very impressed - the rules are better laid out than Force on Force, and I haven't found any typos yet either.  I've written a review on Amazon, which you can find here.

My overall grade for this set of rules : A

It would have been an A+ but for the rather major omission of a quick reference sheet which meant that I was spending a lot of time flicking back and forth through the book for much of the game.  As a result, reading bits of rules quickly and out of sequence meant that we got a few things wrong (for instance for each vehicle hit after the first we added +1 to the die roll rather than raising the die type one level) but by the next time we play I'll have had longer to digest the rules and I'll have printed out the QRS on AAG's web site.

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  1. You've played Gruntz and Tom's War both - would you mind comparing the two?

    My little gaming group is still in the assembling/painting miniatures phase, but we are invested in Tom's War. But Gruntz has captivated me since its release.