Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Special Forces team

One of my most recent orders was placed during the sale at "The Scene".  I acquired a small patrol boat, a special forces team, a couple of packs of battle robots, some zombie hunters/survivalists, and some agents from the authorities.  I also tried a few of the miscellaneous items, some hatches to add to my buildings and a couple of packs each of ammo boxes and missile cases.

I was impressed by the speed with which the order arrived, despite a warning on the web site that it might take some time because of the backlog.  The models are very nice, plenty of detail and full of character.  I've got a backlog of other GZG, Rebel, CMG and 15mm.co.uk models to paint, but I couldn't resist making a start on a few of the new arrivals.

The US Special Forces are coming along nicely, here are the first 4 nearly finished (SF04, SF01, SF07, SF02, plus SF05 didn't quite make it into the photograph).

The patrol boat (B001) was very easy to clean up and put together, just an evening's work to paint.  I'm thinking that some of GZG's seated NAC marines might go nicely with this kit, and one of the standing gunners will fit behind the machine gun (though he might need a small box to stand on to reach the right height).  It's already taken part in one battle, but sadly the enemy never approached the river closely enough for me to use it!

My heavy battle androids (HAD001) are almost finished too, they're going to be special assault cyborg troops for one of my armies.  I have already got some Tomorrow's War stats worked out for them.


  1. I just finished my set but have not based them yet. Yours came out really cool.

  2. Dang! Wish I had caught the sale - those minis look excellent!