Monday, 12 September 2011

OUDF variations number 1 – SG15-O2

SG15-O2 from Ground Zero Games is the first of 2 variations on the basic OUDF troops.  This bunch have bush hats.  All we have here are head-swaps of the original 5 poses, so they match perfectly with the standard, helmeted OUDF troopers.

I’ve painted them in the same colour scheme as my previous OUDF troops; GW goblin green & Humbrol 186 leather brown, washed with Vallejo sepia and drybrushed with base colours.  I’ve painted the bush hats goblin green to match their fatigues.  It also makes it easier to differentiate them from their helmet-wearing comrades.

Goggles are GW red gore with a dab of black added for shading and a dab of white for highlights, with a red ink wash to blend it all together.  Gun sights have been given similar treatment.

Weapons are Humbrol 33 matt black base with Humbrol matt 32 dark grey daubed on over the top.  Some troopers are Aboriginal, they’ve been given brown skin with a sepia or black wash.

Overall grade for these figures: B+

The previous OUDF pack got an "A" grade.  If they were completely new figures, these would probably have received an A as well, but because they are just head-swaps they've been downgraded slightly.  They're still great figures though, with a good range of poses.  You could field mixed squads of helmeted/bush-hatted/aboriginal troops, or use their variation in headgear to indicate veteran, elite or otherwise specialised troops.  Although they will blend in perfectly with the other OUDF packs, the repetition of poses could become more obvious in a larger army.

I know that Jon is planning to add some extra packs to some of his existing ranges as he'd done with the NAC and NI armies, so let's hope that the OUDF will be getting some reinforcements soon!

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