Saturday, 4 June 2011

Time to get technical

Another find from the local charity shop - a crew cab pickup which just cried out "technical" as soon as I saw it!

I drilled out the rivet holding the chassis and body shell together, which in turn enabled me to get the axles out. A couple of minutes with a pair of pliers got the axles straight (you can see in the photograph that the wheels were a bit wonky to start with), then I filed & sanded the body shell.

A couple of coats of Humbrol matt white spray gave a good basic finish. Vallejo black ink gave some depth to the grilles below the windscreen and the gaps round the doors. Inscribe military sand acrylic was daubed over the whole model including chassis, then wiped off with my thumb, leaving a dusty coloured residue in all the right places. A bit of scratching with my thumbnail cut through the paint to the metal, giving some reasonably realistic paint chipping around the edges of the pickup bed.

Headlights are GW mithril silver, brake lights GW red gore. Seats are Vallejo beastly brown with a wash of black ink (not that you can really see them in these photographs). Hubcaps received a quick coat of GW chainmail & mithril silver where required.

A suitable addition to my collection, for use as either background scenery or as a technical (once I get a weapon mount for the back) in either Ambush Alley or low-tech sci-fi battles.

Quite satisfactory for 20 pence and an hours painting!


  1. Great work, you've managed to transform a wreck in to something of beauty.

  2. Excellent job. Wish my daughter had collected toy cars rather than soft toys.