Monday, 27 June 2011

Long Time, No Posts

I haven't had a chance to post anything new for a while now - very slow internet connection at the local library that I use, it can take me 20 minutes just to read a couple of e-mails! In addition, my duties as a Scout leader have left me without so much spare time; we've been off on a few camps recently, raft-building by the river Tas, out running around the woods, cooking over open fires (I've never seen a burger look that black and charred before!).

I shall be leaping into the 21st Century next Monday when I get broadband at home, so should be able to start posting more regularly, especially as the end of the Scouting term is coming up.

I have lots of little projects on the go, hopefully I'll actually finish some of them so I have some nice little pictures to pop on the blog too.

Stay tuned for the next exciting developments in the world of Mini Metal Mayhem...

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