Saturday, 4 September 2010

Ongoing projects no.2 - Workshop

I've been building this workshop over the last few days. The basic structure is made from corrugated plastic cut from mushroom punnets. The roof is corrugated craft card. The 5mm high foundation wall is thin cork floor tile. There are holes all around the edge of the base, these will have cocktail sticks glued in as fence-posts once I've finished working on the buildings.

The workshop's roller-shutter door comes from a Miele vacuum cleaner bag. My wife had emptied the bag into the compost bin before I cut this piece off, so luckily there was no danger of my spilling dust all over the kitchen floor!
The roof is removable, as is the door.

You can see how the walls were reinforced with L-section offcuts from the edges of the mushroom punnet. Although the plastic is pretty thin & flimsy, it forms a surprisingly rigid box when it's all glued together. I used cyanoacrylate superglue to stick all the bits together, and then sprayed the whole thing with £1 shop grey car primer.

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