Thursday, 23 September 2010

Conversions and head swaps

A couple of recent conversions...

The elderly gentleman on the left started off as a GZG civilan/colonist, the one on the right is a GZG armed civilian/colonist with a ZG gasmask conversion head.

I decided that the population of my colony are in need of a patriarch of some sort. I started with a GZG colonist, added a beard sculpted from epoxy plumber's putty and a walking stick from a guitar string.

I also wanted to use some more of the GZG conversion heads which I've had for a while. A couple of my armed colonists have lost their heads and received replacements. The middle figure's head was carefully sliced off (may re-use it elsewhere), the figure on the right had his head removed with a pair of cutters as it was too difficult to do with a knife. Both had holes drilled with a pin-vice, and the heads (with about 4mm of stalk still attached) araldited into place.

The elderly gent out for a stroll with a fellow colonist - possibly a son judging by the familial resemblance!

Before & after - an armed colonist and his rather sinister gas mask wearing friend.

A rear view of the elderly gent and the masked gunman.


  1. Sorry for the commenting on the two-year old post... but these are awesome! I love the beard and walking stick.

    1. It's amazing how much difference only a small alteration makes.