Friday, 30 April 2010

Projects on the go...

I haven't had much time to add anything to my Blog in the last couple of weeks - too little time as there has been lots to do at work, overdue gardening tasks to catch up on at the weekends and several evenings has been taken up with either:
a) preparing activities for about 40 Cubs and Scouts out in the woods yesterday evening and
b)painting numbers and sticking googly eyes on 100 small pebbles for a fund-raiser at our Community Festival this coming weekend!

I've been working on assorted little projects when I can snatch a few minutes, coming soon are...

Industrial type building constructed using Hirst Arts starship moulds (nearing completion - just need to cast up a few extra bits that I've run out of)

Some more shacks and a few wrecked/burnt out cars

GZG crusties (finally managed to watch District 9 last week!)

More work on the Eagle, starting with paint stripping and filing off mould lines

I'll be trying to take a few more photographs over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Finally... a thank you to Mark from Dropship Horizon for giving my Blog a mention!


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  1. No probs Paul - all excellent stuff on thhis blog that inspires and puts me to shame!