Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Eagle Transporter

Space 1999 Eagle Transporter

I picked up this old Dinky Toys Space 1999 Eagle Transporter for £2 in a junk shop.
It is clearly in need of some TLC having lost engines, most of the RCS thruster nozzles and the majority of its paint! I'm planning to strip off the battered green Dinky Toys paint scheme and re-paint in a more appropriate grey/white colour scheme. There is so little of the old paint scheme left that I won't feel guilty about destroying it. Prior to painting, some quick surface detailing will be added to the interior of the support tray which runs down the spine of the ship, and to the sides of the access ways which will be inside the structural cage. A few sequins, plasticard bits and wire wrapped guitar strings will add a nice selection of technical gubbins. The "beak" command module will have mould-lines and joins smoothed over, and casting marks on the undercarriage pod "shoulders" and landing feet will also be filled / filed smooth.

As the craft is currently without engines or transport pod, I'm thinking that it will be a static display piece - a long disused ship, stripped of many of the useful parts and incorporating some sort of lean-to building underneath (where the pod would have fitted). In fact I already have a scenario idea which would make use of this piece of scenery...

One day I may try and scratch build some engines - I have a plastic Eagle kit partially constructed, with a set of fuel tanks, engine bells etc. which will provide a good template. For now though, it will just be cleaned up and re-built as it is.


  1. You know, one of these has been sitting on a bookshelf at my Dad's house forever, and it's in great shape to boot. I may have to start some scheming...