Saturday, 25 November 2017

Sale time! Ion Age & Alternative Armies sale

More sales, this time Ion Age and sister company Alternative Armies AKA

To quote:

"It is the big weekend and the mega event is underway here at The Ion Age until 9am GMT Tuesday 28th November 2017. We have automatic Free Worldwide Shipping on all orders over 15GBP of product placed in the cart and we have the brand new IAF148 Beotan 2nd Tesseran space werewolves. We also have, for the duration of this event only, the return of the Havelock Battlesuit pre-order bundle which gives you three battlesuits plus a free fallen battlesuit as well as a saving of 15% off list priced (one of our most popular Early Supporter Bundles ever!).

This is a big event for us and of course you get your Reward Points on orders AND you can spend them on your event orders. We end with a Cyber Monday (27th Nov) mega offer on the three books in the Patrol Angis series as digital downloads for 24hrs only (the other offers are still on during Cyber Monday). Enjoy and here are the details. 
New Release! On the website now HERE.
IAF148 Beotan 2nd Tesseran (8 Lycanthopes with Mia Mpi) 6.00GBP 
Black Friday Event Offers! (Save on these) 
These are on our Early Supporter Offers page. 

IAF020 Havelock Battlesuit Bundle (3 Battlesuits, 1 Free Fallen Battlesuit and 15% off) (above)

IAF064 Geo Shelter Bundle (5 Buildings) (20% off)

IAF015 Hab Dome (25% off)
Cyber Monday Mega Digital Event! (25% off all our digital download books for 24hrs) 
For one day only we are going to reduce the prices of our three Patrol Angis paid for PDF books by twenty five percent on our 15mm Publications page. Cyber Monday 27th November only.

Lastly if you wish to combine orders with our mother site Alternative Armies then you can and you get access to the offers and free shipping there too. Send an email to and list out all the codes you want from both websites along with your address and your paypal email. We will respond and send you an invoice to pay. Easy!"

I have some of the hab domes which are great, especially at a discount.  Even without the discount there's loads of great stuff, I have some Skylark flyers too.  Alternative Armies also have lots of great 15mm bits, I have some zombies, tents and more.

Fantasy zombies painted in a more modern style.

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