Saturday, 21 October 2017

Cheap Star Destroyers

Poundland is always worth a check when I'm passing and these were a good find last week - Star Wars First Order Resurgent class Star Destroyers.

3 First Order Star Destroyers will form a good core to a fleet.

Sadly no AT-STs  or hovertanks in stock!

Not the iconic original Star Destroyer design (in fact these are supposed to be twice their size) but still well worth £1 each.

Various sources classify Star Destroyers as battle cruisers but this never seems quite right.  The battle cruiser traditionally had the firepower of a battleship but in order to achieve the speed of a cruiser it was more lightly armoured than a battleship.  This description doesn't fit the powerful Star Destroyer, in fact I don't think you can classify it in any traditional modern or historical warship class.  It has powerful weapons but it's more than just a cruiser or battleship.  It carries scores of fighters but it's not just a carrier.  More than 8000 stormtroopers can be landed by 100 landing craft but this is by no means only an assault transport.

I think the Star Destroyer should be classified simply as a Star Destroyer - a multi-role warship fulfilling several traditional roles.

Mine will be facing a number of familiar looking fighters from GZG...

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  1. Nice find but I don't fancy the chances of the rebel scum against them!